Amanda Daley

Hi! I'm Edwina!

I am truly curious if you have ever had a mentor that you deliberately sort out and connected with?

And if you have, what was the impact they had on you?

Let me know in the comments below.

I can think of two right now who have been life-changing for me.

Cindy O’Meara, the founder of Changing Habits was one. She has had an enormous impact on my philosophies, passion and understanding of the Power of Food and how it impacts our lives on so many levels. In my eyes, she is incredibly wise and most importantly is a living, breathing example of what she teaches.

In the area of business, Shanda Sumpter, my current biz coach has with out question, changed my life and challenged me to grow in ways I never imagined possible in such a short amount of time. And once again, she is a living, breathing example of what she teaches.

In today's interview with Amanda Daley, who is a leading Business Mentor for Health Coaches worldwide, we look at mentorship, coaching and how it can impact your life, how you choose a good one and who it should consider it.

Renowned for her marketing expertise (with over 20 years of experience!) Amanda has earned recognition by the world’s top advertising awards and has built her own 7-figure coaching business in under 5 years. And now as the founder of the successful health coaching biz ‘Fuel Urban Wellness', Amanda is a living, breathing example of what she teaches.

With all that is going on across our precious planet right now, being connected with strong savvy women who are leading the way using the wisdom gathered from their hard-earned experience is key.

I trust this interview continues to support you in unlocking your passion, compassion, humour and style!

I trust you will love and find true inspiration in this conversation.

A living, breathing example of what she teaches.


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In response to the current impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) I am re-releasing interviews from our second series free of charge.

Understanding the power of food and it's role in laying a strong foundation for health and happiness I feel this is a critical step in protecting ourselves and our families at this time.

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With Passion, Compassion, Humour, and Style
x Edwina

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