Dr. Tina Bozicnik

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Hi! I'm Edwina!

Dr. Tina Bozicnik is a paediatrician, acupuncturist, transformational coach, motivational speaker and a proud mum who believes that believes that hugs mixed with empathetic and honest conversation are one of the best remedies on this planet.

A great reminder with all that we are facing right now.

With this in mind you can rest assured we dove into a real and raw conversation around COVID-19.

However, above and beyond what Dr Tina can offer to this pressing conversation there are many more layers.

Primarily, Dr. Tina is on a mission is to empower and support parents to become the best possible version of themselves.

As 2019’s Paediatrician of the year you may wonder why her focus is so keenly aimed at parents, well here is where we are fully aligned … Tina wants to support parents to live extraordinary lives in order to be the best possible role model for their children.

Makes sense right!

The aim being to ‘show’ our kids how it is done, not just tell them.

Children learn by modelling and through observation wire their subconscious brain in the first years of life. With the right parental mindset, we are wiring our children’s brains for happiness and success.

In the end our subconscious mind drives our entire lives as adults.

Like so many of us, Tina didn’t step into adulthood filled with the confidence and an inner knowing that she was an extraordinary and beautiful human. Her journey started as a child with little or no self-esteem and from there she transitioned into her teen years battling anorexia.

Thankfully though the dark times she focused, with fierce determination, on growing into the woman she wanted to become.

And as is the case for so many of us, becoming a parent drove her passion to be and do better to even greater heights.

I trust you will love and find comfort in this conversation.


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Dr Tina's Gift for you is a positivity boost. An interview with Dr. Paul Jenkins, where he shares his secrets on how to become “pathologically” positive

In response to the current impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) I am re-releasing interviews from our second series free of charge.

Understanding the power of food and it's role in laying a strong foundation for health and happiness I feel this is a critical step in protecting ourselves and our families at this time.

To find support for this material and to access a safe and loving community of mothers to speak about these issues please join us over at the A League of Extraordinary Mothers Facebook group.

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With Passion, Compassion, Humour, and Style
x Edwina

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