Kylie Boreham

Hi! I'm Edwina!

A few weeks back I was flipping through a magazine when I came across an ad for some super cute organic undies that were each printed with an inspiring little message.

I knew then there that not only did I need to get me some of those super cute knickers I also had to learn what the story was behind their creation.

And what a story it is.

Todays interview is with the brainchild behind POWERPANTS.

Kylie Boreham has a truly empowering story to share and illustrates exactly what stepping into our power as women looks like.

Her mission: to change the world by choosing brands that put people and planet ahead of profits.

Her belief: we have the power to change our communities by supporting other women.

Today we dive into a conversation about Choices, Slow Fashion, A Resilient Spirit, Home Schooling During Lockdown, Alter Ego’s … and a whole lot more.

You don’t want to miss this one Mumma so be sure to tune and let us know what touches your heart.

I trust you will love and find true inspiration in this conversation.


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In response to the current impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) I am re-releasing interviews from our second series free of charge.

Understanding the power of food and it's role in laying a strong foundation for health and happiness I feel this is a critical step in protecting ourselves and our families at this time.

To find support for this material and to access a safe and loving community of mothers to speak about these issues please join us over at the A League of Extraordinary Mothers Facebook group.

Available via Audio or Video.

With Passion, Compassion, Humour, and Style
x Edwina

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