‘Me Time’ Inspiration

Whilst Series Two of our online show – A League of Extraordinary Mothers – is still live I asked our wonderful tribe of mums to hit me up with their favourite ‘me-time’ activities so that I could compile a list to inspire us all to commit to taking the time to care for US just a little more.

My sincere thanks to the extraordinary mothers who shared their inspiration with us. xo

What are you going to do for you today? Let me know in the comments section below.



?  My – me time – seriously getting 50 mins to watch the interviews seemed like me time. I love horse riding with my family also but sometimes it's so nice just to go by myself. I love being out in nature, sometimes we go down to the river on afternoons with friends and family, it is so beautiful and relaxing, kids playing in the water and sand. And if I could pick another thing – if I had the opportunity I would go for a massage.  ( but I don’t ) – Lucy

? This morning I am going to meet a friend for coffee AND in the afternoon, I am going to see a movie with my husband! – Nicole

? A good morning practice is essential some meditation, yoga gratitude work and journaling and when I have time it's a soak in a bath or walk in nature along the beach or in the bush. – Jade

? Taking my dog for a walk in Richmond Park, London near where I live! Even on frosty winter mornings!! – Nicci

? For me it’s exercise (any, but especially a walk/run outside), and gardening. They are my noticeable soul fuels. – Daniela

? Do anything alone, quietly. – Sarah

? One of the things I love is waking early (7am) when life is still, the birds are still singing and taking the time to rest in bed with a cup of tea or anything, read a book, watch your video.  Just take time in the morning to rest a little before starting our busy day. – Kate

? My relaxing time would be spent crocheting and listening to ABC conversation hour…or sudoku… – Susie

? My most happy place is at the beach, nothing makes me feel better than the ocean water and feeling the sand. ☺️ – Norma

? A lie in then maybe a bath seem like a good way to start the day followed by what ever else takes my fancy. One step at a time. – Dani

? I love to sit outdoors and bird watch with my coffee, do stretches outdoors and we like to walk most days for an hour – always plenty to see and listen out for. My other escapes even though doing something – I love hanging out or taking in the washing as I listen to and bird watch and mowing- so many critters come visiting. Also good for grounding and vit D. – Carolyn

? I love going for a walk by the beach…. I haven’t look after myself for a while (as I concentrate on the family/kids ? a mistake I know). But today I’m going for a walk!!! And listen to your Sunday interview! – Karen

? Today I am going to a Gong & Crystal bowl meditation. This is something I do once a month and it is two hours of gentle stretching exercise and two meditations one around 30 minutes long and the other about 12 minutes, where we lie down with our eye pillows & light blankets and let the sound wash through us. We always end with sharing what we are grateful for, it really is a beautiful time. – Ruthie

?I love to curl up with a book, or sometimes stay in bed for a bit longer. – Heather

?There’s no doubt that walking in nature is my main reset. In between walks, I try to find micro moments of beauty and joy be it in stopping to (literally) smell the roses in bloom or stand back and watch the lorikeets busy about their business in the blossoming eucalypts. – Whendee

?Yoga is amazing for me. – Robyn

?Today I found “me time” by going to the gym at 6:30am (I like mornings) and this afternoon I go to a monthly book club, which feeds my soul because we are six mums who get 2 hours a month to laugh, cry, and eat cake 🙂 – Debbie

? You probably won’t be expecting this answer, but I am a volunteer Ambulance Officer in a small country town.  When I do a shift, I consider this “ME” time – I absolutely love doing it, and helping other people gives me a real feeling of satisfaction.  I feel valued and appreciated when doing that work. – Julie

? Sitting on the beach after a walk with my doggie, also a coffee at a cafe – solo, Time in the kitchen, cooking whilst listening to podcasts, Talking to a girlfriend or my mumma, Wine on the back deck, Swimming laps, Occasionally getting my toes done, The odd massage, Pilates class, Reading! – Megan

? I stood barefoot in the soil to ground myself and the proceeded to pick my crops. I picked strawberries, lettuce, asparagus, chards, baby spinach, onions and the last of the peas. Such a delicious nourishing organic bounty. – Gail

? I sat down to read a chapter of my lovely book, The Sacred Journey, Brian and Candice Simmons, I let that help me fall into a lovely afternoon nap for 30 mins or so after which time I put on Mary Kelly's interview to enjoy with my 11yo daughter.  I sat and knitted the lovely white cotton spring cardi I have been making for a couple of years and really needs to be finished – at least so I can wear it next year as the weather cools again.  I feel refreshed and renewed.  All the while my butterflied chicken is roasting in water in the oven for dinner – such an easy dinner which will give me soup for my husband's lunch and brekky tmrw for me too.  I just add some fresh greens – kale, peas, mint, ginger, and anything from the garden – red vein sorrel, oregano thyme. – Cathy

? I love to knit, quietly clicking away, making toys for the grandchildren, thinking of family and how they grow up. I love crafts that can be passed on like recipes, patterns, etc. My Mum and her sisters all knitted and were wonderful cooks and there are so many memories in the kitchens and lounges of work and conversations gone by, that as I age are coming back to make me smile and so glad I have that with my daughter and granddaughter; though mine is a skyping realm as they live in another state. – Christine

?I love playing in my garden. Planting a punnet of flowers or veggies gives me a great feeling at the time and then joy each time I get back out and see they have grown. Watering the garden is like my meditation I think. I watch the leaves wobbling as the water hits them and then I realise I have completely switched my brain off. I also love a massage or getting in the float tank. But my recently found me time love is listening to health summits online! They mean that even a drive to work or housework can now be me time if I am listening and learning! – Sarah

? I do love reading. I play cards and myjong with friends as well once a week when we are all in town together. – Pixie

?Today I curled up on the couch with my son and watch a whole movie with him.  I left the to do list and was present.  We laughed and snuggled, and it really was a fun relaxing time while the little one slept! – Christy

? Yep totally curling up with a good book, uninterrupted and even better if it’s near the ocean. – Gilly

? Making a cup of tea and drinking it outside under the pergola my husband spent a year building.

? I went to bed with my 3yo at 7:30 and woke up this morning at 7!! – Jasmine

? I sat for the first time in weeks in the quiet and read a book. Then I went to bed by 10pm, which is always my aim, but not often achieved. – Elizabeth

? Nanna naps. Sewing. Having a good and long chin wag with a likeminded Mum girlfriend that understands and so we can help and lift each other. Cup of tea in bed at the end of the day. Coffee outside in the backyard or in the outdoor spa. – Jo