Empowering A League Of Extraordinary Mothers Series 1

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“Dear Edwina, I just wanted to tell you how utterly engaged, inspired and empowered I feel listening to your summit… and I love how I “found” it at just the right time! I feel so moved by the privilege of being Mum to 4 children (3 girls!! oldest is 14) and then so grateful to get this education and information from you. You are helping me see and reminding me how beautiful motherhood is and how these children help us become better people… that these teenage years (as with all the phases) is actually a beautiful time where the relationship with our teenage girls can become deeper …especially when armed with this amazing information. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Absolute heartfelt thanks!! …hehehe thank you for helping me NOT freak out too much and helping me to stop, take a breath, think and then respond!!!❤️” – Rachel

“Hi Edwina, I just wanted to say what an amazing job you are doing with this summit. I have watched every interview so far, and enjoyed every one; they are enlightening, engaging and motivating. I have gained some great pearls of wisdom and tips and tricks to implement from each session so far. There are many Summits to watch, some I sign up to and don't seem to find the time to watch, but your line up of local practitioners has been fabulous. Thank you for this gift of sharing.” – Georgie

“Hi Edwina, I'm so grateful that you have put together such a wide variety of great speakers, and it's so easy to access. The timing for me is perfect with my daughter recently turning 13. I've followed Cyndi O'Meara and Jo Whitton for years, but it's great to hear them and learn new things. For me the take home message has been to share more with my kids, it's all good that I learn about gut health, etc, but unless my kids are learning why I do this, they are missing out. And not only sharing info with my kids but doing vision boards, etc. I haven't thought of this before and it makes sense, I want the best for my kids and knowledge and goals are key. Thank you again for an amazing masterclass.” – Julie