Empowering A League of Extraordinary Mothers Series 3

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  • LIFETIME access to all interviews and audio files from the Empowering a League of Extraordinary Mothers Series 3
  • PLUS a 30-minute coaching call with Edwina!



“Gosh every interview, I take something away from it and makes me feel a little empowered each day. Thanks so much for these interviews, you are so generous.” – Kathryn

“I can imagine how busy you are as a mother and also while running this interview series, but I have wanted to write after each interview to tell you how much I loved it!  So finally after this one, I just want to say how motivating they all have been and I am just getting sucked right in, I've been looking forward to them every day. Thanks so much for putting these on!!! You are amazing.” – Jane

“Thank you, thank you, for your series, but especially for this one. I guess my biggest takeaway would be the empowerment I am feeling from all the interviews. Empowerment of personhood, motherhood, and me as a person, not only a mom.  I’m loving all this empowerment and knowledge from the other side of the world. Thank you!” – Emily