Rebecca Gibson

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Rebecca Gibson was born in Sydney, Australia to left brain baby boomers, who did not like to acknowledge her gifts as a psychic medium. 

A number of traumas led Rebecca to become a mental health professional working in some of Australia’s most violent prisons with serial killers, murderers and sex offenders in an effort to help heal people who society have locked away to contain their dangerous behaviours. 

Rebecca now focuses on healing those wanting to step into their greatness through living a life serving love and their Souls purpose. As an Alchemist guiding others to create Gold in their life through transformation Rebecca’s skills as both a psychic medium with a career in mental health, she is an authoritative expert on drama addiction, spiritual and mental health and her passionate area of focus – Empaths and Narcissists. 

Rebecca’s lived experience working in maximum security prisons and mental health facilities married with her health struggles and past traumas have given her amazing insights and wisdom that she shares through workshops, books, keynote speaking and her divine spiritual work with her clients

I trust you will love and find true inspiration in this conversation.


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