Empowering a League of Extraordinary Mothers 2
Prof. Tim Noakes

And so, the journey begins!!!!

Our first interview is with a man who spent 4 years in court fighting for the right to share knowledge with you that is going to BUST THROUGH the dietary guidelines that we all grew up with and give you a whole new starting point.


I cannot begin to put into words the buzz and excitement I felt after winding up this interview.

The honour of speaking to someone with the years of accumulated knowledge that Professor Noakes has packed into his fabulous brain left me reeling.

I LOVE LOVE LOVED this interview and am so thrilled to share it with you today.

Prof. Tim Noakes is a truly gorgeous and gracious human (think the David Attenborough of the food and fitness world!) and once he starts to speak you can’t help but listen.


The Nutrition Network is an education, connection and learning platform which offers professional training in LCHF/Ketogenic nutrition and treatment for medical and allied health care workers. Proceeds from the platform go towards funding Eat Better South Africa, the community outreach branch of The Noakes Foundation. Eat Better South Africa is an intervention programme aimed at educating people from lower-income areas, teaching them to get better by eating better.