Most of us have vague ideas about who we want to BE and what we want to DO or HAVE in our lives.

And they remain just that: vague.

After all, who makes the time to intentionally create a blueprint for their life?

Well, those that want to live proactively rather than reactively … think Oprah, Ashley Graham, Ellen DeGeneres and Katie Perry.

With these fabulously audacious women leading by example, I decided to take on the practice of making a vision board a couple of years back and can unequivocally tell you it has been life-changing!

So much so that it is now the very first thing I do with all my clients in order to lay a truly strong foundation for their dreams.

Let’s dive into a tangible example of the real power of creating a vision, unique to you, and then taking action to bring that vision to life.

(If you haven’t been married, stay with me, I know you can imagine this process.)

It is a day that fills your heart with a delicious sense of anticipation … and a belly full of flippy-floppy butterflies.

You create a beautiful vision and then take action to bring that vision to life knowing …

  • What you will wear.
  • Where you will be.
  • Who you will surround yourself with.
  • What you will eat.
  • What car you will drive.
  • You even know how you will feel.
  • And then … you throw in a holiday (honeymoon) to celebrate (with a vision of what you will wear, where you will be, … etc. etc.)

You pay loving, dedicated, passionate attention to every detail to ensure this one day is magical.

So, imagine what it could look like if you gave that same proactive attention to your life!

Want to play more in this magical land of possibility?

– There is no past that defines you and no pre-presumed future in front of you.

Who would you BE?

There are several ways to delve into this but as a starter bring to mind one or two women who you deeply admire, you may know them, or you may not.

What is it about them that you so admire?

What is it about them that makes you feel so enamoured?

If you were to speak of them your sentence would sound a little like this … Oh my goodness, she is just so … [fill in the blank].

Courageous, Real, Funny, Generous, Unflappable, Audacious, Compassionate, Positive, Loving, Gregarious …

What would it look like to BE that way yourself? Because trust me, you can!

For now, let’s just stay in the land of possibility, getting caught up in the “how” can come later.

So, once again …

– There is no past that defines you and no pre-presumed future in front of you.

What would you DO?

As each of us journey through the various chapters in our life story, we accumulate layer upon layer of messaging from parents, teachers, peers, bosses, co-workers, etc …

We then, oftentimes, use that feedback to not just define who we are in the world and how confidently we show up, but also what we believe we are capable of doing.

Heartbreakingly, many of us are still hanging onto messages that were slathered thickly upon our souls in high school; messages that didn’t serve us then and messages that certainly don’t serve us now.

It is time to start chipping away at those messages so we can reveal the beautiful, playful, joyous, daring, extraordinary YOU that is dying to get out.

It all starts with getting crystal-clear on what it is that YOU WANT to DO.

What are you doing when you lose all track of time?

What lights YOU up?

What makes you feel purposeful and ALIVE???

Gardening, cooking, being part of community theatre, playing a musical instrument, snow skiing, your job, being a mother, scrapbooking, painting, running, dancing, hiking, de-cluttering, writing, surfing, volunteering, etc …

If you’re not DOing things that light you up, that make you feel alive and purposeful, then now is the time to truly address the question, ‘Why not’? And, if you don’t know what it is that makes you feel excited about your life and what you get to DO, then it is time, gorgeous one, to get curious.

And now, one last time …

– There is no past that defines you and no pre-presumed future in front of you.

What would you HAVE?

Ahhhh, the possibilities!

Loving connected relationships, a house full of fresh divinely smelling roses, a home that upon entering your soul gets to relax, a regular massage appointment, a pantry filled with nourishing life-enhancing foods, a body you love and care for with great pride, a job that you love, a wardrobe filled with clothes that fit you perfectly and make you feel amazing, a heart filled with gratitude, …

This is not the time to get caught up in your head.

It is time to TUNE OUT that voice that holds you back, keeps you cautious, convinces you that you can never have that, the voice that says stop dreaming.

Now is the time to listen to your heart.

Now is the time to be daring, to dream big and to create a vision for your life that fills you with a fabulous sense of excited anticipation for all that is to come in 2020 … and beyond!


With Gratitude and Generosity

Edwina Murphy-Droomer
Vision Building Mentor and Transformational Coach