I must tell you; my Christmas tree is still up AND I am already feeling the pressure from all the manifesting/new-years-resolutioning/visioning marketing that is flooding my news feed.

It is enough to make you feel like you are already behind and it’s only January!!! (Especially when I see they have put out the hot-cross buns in the supermarket … are we really thinking about Easter already???)


So, I am popping in to encourage you, alongside me, to not by-in to it. To not feel discouraged but rather to embrace one of my favourite sayings …

Mores the point, it’s time to celebrate YOU.

YES! You are after all the leading lady in this story so let’s look at what you’re up to.

The trick is to keep it simple.

Image the spotlight is on you. At this moment, however, you have no audience, there is no-one with you. It is just you.

Regardless of what you want to achieve this year, there are two things we all have in common.

Health & Happiness.

What do you think? Yay or Nay?

AND, I believe there are just 8 core foundation pieces that directly impact our ability to be truly healthy and happy. I think of them as pieces of a puzzle.

  1. Mindset
  2. Purpose
  3. Connection to people
  4. Connection to nature
  5. How we nourish our bodies
  6. Movement
  7. Personal care / Self-love
  8. Your environment

So, let’s do this.

Let’s look at where you are right now so we can work out where you want to go.

I have created a pretty worksheet to pop in your journal which you can grab HERE

Step #1

Pull out that spotlight.

Step #2

Carefully fit over the front a filter of love.

NOTE: It is worth remembering, we can’t love anyone else more than we love ourselves (FACT- cos Brene Brown says so!). So, if you struggle to wholeheartedly love yourself, we get to address that.

Step #3

Find a quiet moment, make a cuppa, grab your pen and a journal (not scraps of paper, this is something you get to look back on in a year to see how far you have come), and one by one go through the above 8 points looking at what is working, what isn’t working, and where you would like to be in each area in 12 months from now.

Some helpful pondering tips …

Mindset – What are the stories running in your head? Are they stories of being good enough, worthy, courageous, compassionate (to self)? Or, are they the opposite? Unmotivated, overwhelmed, disheartened. Don’t judge, simply contemplate, be curious. Ask yourself why?

I find it helpful to consider what you would want your child/ren to say about themselves. Look at yourself through the filter of a loving mothers’ eyes. Is that how you see yourself, speak to yourself, speak about yourself? If not, why not?

Purpose – When you hop out of bed each day is it with a sense of purpose. Do you look forward to your day with a level of excited anticipation? If yes, what is it for, what lights you up. If not, why not, what’s missing, what would make the difference?

Connection to people – are you staying connected to friends, seeing people in person (not just keeping up on social media). Do you feel like you have found your tribe, that you are connected to people that pull you up, that inspire you?

Connection to nature /spirit – Do you connect with mother nature daily? This can be as simple as planting your feet on the grass and putting your face in the sun, having fresh flowers in your house or walking outside to get your body moving rather than simply hopping on a treadmill. Regardless of your faith, understanding that there is a power that is higher than us, be it Mother-Nature, God, The Divine, The Universe … taking time to feel that love and connection each day is crucial.

Nourishing your body – Are you feeding your body with the gifts from mother nature or from foods supplied by a laboratory. (You know what I’m talking about) Are you eating foods that fuel vitality and life?

Movement – Are you feeling fit and strong? Are you moving with intention daily? If not, what do you enjoy? Walking, belly dancing, yoga, weights, swimming, rollerblading, surfing …?

Personal care / Self-love – How are you caring for you? Morning routine, sleep habits, skin/hair/nail care, rituals, how do you dress your body (just to cover up or to feel beautiful), prioritising things that fill-up-your-cup … creative pursuits?

Your Environment – Your home. Is it a place where your soul can settle or is it an overwhelming hub of stress? What’s working, what isn’t and how would you like it to look and feel in 12 months?

 If you have gotten this far, I celebrate you.

Taking the time to acknowledge our lives, the step we are in and the path we are choosing to take is powerful. It is the difference between living proactively and reactively.

Well done. Honestly, well done!

The key is to take action.

Do what I have outlined.

Approach it with excited anticipation as it is from there that you can move forward in leaps and bounds. As with any journey, you must start with knowing where you are now.

Imagine planning a road trip. You have a vague idea where you want to go but if you don’t know where you are starting from there is no path to follow.

It is time to get you behind the steering wheel in your life.

I know there are some of you that will leap on this challenge with gusto and that others of you will feel overwhelmed and hesitate to start. Regardless of which group you are in, I would love to support you.

With Passion, Compassion, Humour and Style


p.s. This is a Fault, Blame, Guilt, Shame – Free Zone! We get to look at our lives with love and curiosity. AND I am here to help. Connect anytime! x