Beautiful, Inspiring, Heart Warming Chick Flicks


Every now and then the best therapy is simply to lose yourself in a good old chick flick.

In this weeks email, I asked for your favs and have compiled the list here as an easy go-to library.

If you have a favourite that is not on the list be sure to add it in the comments below.

My love and thanks to Maria, Maryanne, Gill, Jeanine, Lisa, Polly, Cathie, Kellie, Melissa, Angelina, Jennifer, Angela, Sally, Patti, Michelle, Anna, and Jennifer for helping me to put this list together. xx



So in no particular order …


❤️ Edwina

9 Comments on “Beautiful, Inspiring, Heart Warming Chick Flicks

    1. YES! I love this movie as well Ingrid. Pretty much anything with Judie Dench gets my attention. Thank you for the reminder xo

    1. Oh my goodness yes, Sarah, …I’ll have whatever she’s having.” lol

  1. While I loved the book Bridget Jones Diary, I thought the movie made her look sad, in the book to me she was somebody to root for and in the movie she was just sad…

    1. Oh, I didn’t get that feeling Kimberly, but now that you say it I can see what you mean.

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