Where are you right now?

As with any journey, we need a starting point so we can map out the most effective route to get there.

Regardless of what you want to achieve this year, there are two things we all have in common.

Health & Happiness.

What do you think? Yay or Nay?

AND, I believe there are just 8 core foundation pieces that directly impact our ability to be truly healthy and happy. I think of them as pieces of a puzzle.

Where are you right now

Persuing The Possibility That Dreams Can Come True.

Most of us have vague ideas about who we want to BE and what we want to DO or HAVE in our lives.

And they remain just that: vague.

After all, who makes the time to intentionally create a blueprint for their life?

Well, those that want to live proactively rather than reactively … think Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres and Katie Perry.

I have popped a quick video training to further support you at the bottom of this post, keep reading …

Time for a Chick Flick?

Every now and then the best therapy is simply to lose yourself in a good old chick flick.

In this weeks email, I asked for your favs and have compiled the list here as an easy go-to library.


Abundant Nutrition Weight Loss Formula.

No pills, no shakes, no supplements, just good food, in the right quantity, following a proven formula for success. I will tell you exactly what I did, step by step, ensuring control of your health is in your hands. I have popped your free printable guide at the bottom of this post for a reason, keep reading …

Non-Negotiable First Step To Flourishing Health

In Australia, just 6% of people eat the recommended (Australian dietary guidelines) daily intake of vegetables. The challenge, therefore, is to be the exception, not the norm! With more and more evidence emerging all the time that supports the use of diet in the therapeutic treatment of both physical and mental illness, we are now…

Your Veggie Prescription Fb post
incrEDIBLE Intelligent You!

incrEDIBLE Intelligent You!

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! LITERALLY! Your body is built from water, protein, fat, and a little from carbs, vitamins, and minerals.
EVERY BITE, EVERY DRINK, MATTERS. It is literally the energy, the information and the building blocks that make you, YOU! aND qUItE fRAnkLY i tHiNK yOu MaTtER!    My non-negotiable first step…

It is Saturday morning and as I sit here contemplating the week ahead and the pledge I recently made to clean up my diet, shed a few sneaky kilos, and generally get myself feeling a little more chipper, I truly wonder … “Can I be bothered?”

A pressing desire

What The Heck Do You Mean By Real Food?

This hamburger is food and its real …… isn’t it? It has salad, bread, dairy, meat …. all things that are part of the recommended dietary guidelines. So what’s the big deal? Well…..the sad fact is that it is no longer simply food sourced from nature, but rather a highly processed chemical cocktail sourced from a factory!

Move for LIFE

My movement journey certainly did not start out as one of inspiration nor was it going to be a story where I led by example, instead it is a story of how it all went wrong, however, in sharing my story I hope that I can help others to make a better fist of helping their teenage girls avoid falling into the pit of misery that I found myself in.

To set the scene:

Move for life


Ahhhh, BLISS. That moment when you shut the door behind you, the kids are tucked into bed, the house is quiet, and your job is done for another day. Technically you don’t ever really ‘knock-off’, but this is as close as it gets to that feeling of …’job done’! You breathe out, your shoulders drop and you silently pray that everyone sleeps through.

Dealing with spots, zits, pimples, acne …. whatever you call it, it SUCKS! So let’s look at how to address this issue from the inside out.   STARTING ON THE INSIDE … What we want to add in: Plenty of fresh filtered water should be the primary drink on offer. As a guide divide…

Beautiful skin