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Is this love affair blocked because you think it is dirty?Denise Duffield-Thomas - everyone has money blocks



Is it a coincidence that so many of us struggle with our relationship to money because the first message we received was …?

  • Don’t touch that it’s dirty … or
  • Creative people don’t make money (Get a real job!) … or
  • You can’t do what you LOVE and make money … or
  • You will have to sacrifice a lot in order to make money … or
  • A good mother will sacrifice her career to raise her children … or … ? … yes I could go on …

It certainly makes for an interesting conversation.

AND an interesting conversation it was when I caught up with the money block queen herself, Denise Duffield-Thomas.

She brings up so many interesting ideas around what blocks us from an abundance of this seemingly fickle entity.

With a passion to support a conversation that we have around money and how we can become friends with money Denise shares her thoughts … and wealth of experience … about how we get to welcome it in with an abundant and open mindset!

With many of us not having had role-models to guide us with this we now get to change that conversation/mindset for the next generation.

I look forward to continuing this conversation with you over the coming week but for now let me share this intriguing nugget …

Having worked with thousands of women, Denise has discovered not only the top money blocks that most of us get to shift, she also shares the two things to do move forward …

Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section and lets bust through those money blocks and make 2020 the year of abundance.


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I am a self made millionaire, and this is exactly how much help I have at home.

Denis's pressie for you >  The Kids and Money Workshop! x

In response to the current impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) I am re-releasing interviews from our second series free of charge.

Understanding the power of food and it's role in laying a strong foundation for health and happiness I feel this is a critical step in protecting ourselves and our families at this time.

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