Jennifer Ludington

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Jennifer Ludington is a premier weight loss, fitness, and wellness coach with over 14 years of experience coaching over 1000 clients including high performers, high achieving professionals, and CEOs. She is committed to supporting her clients in staying and living on their business and leadership edge by utilizing physical strength, fitness, and nutrition as the tools to create lifelong sustainable wellness. 

Jennifer believes that living your life at your ideal healthiest weight is the number one business, leadership and personal relationship key to success in life. 

Jennifer is a wife and mother, former elite fitness studio owner, yoga studio owner, fitness model, National Level Fitness competitor, endurance athlete, motivational speaker and she founded a nutrition bar company designed for high achieving professionals seeking to live their healthiest life.

I trust you will love and find true inspiration in this conversation.


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Jenn's pressie for you is Change the angle about how you view movement and health for life.


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